Saturday, November 24, 2012

Decertification of the NHLPA

This doesn't seem like the worst thing. Now hear me out. The purpose of sports is entertainment (in my case, it's my life, my career, my true love, blah blah blah). Thus far, the CBA negotiations have been painfully boring, and forcing myself to read articles and blog posts speculating about what Donald Fehr's facial expressions yesterday mean, and what the ramifications of twenty Gary Bettman head bobs could possibly be. It's PAINFUL. Mainly because I can't just tune it out, ignore it, and ask to be told when it's all said and done like I did the last time around. The last time the NHL was locked out, I was just starting my first year of CEGEP, and quite frankly, had no time for anything other than school. Not to mention, there was no social media (*gasp*) to remind me incessantly about a conference call that may or may not be scheduled in the coming days, or that it's day 70 of the NHL lockout. This time around, the plethora of NOTHINGNESS is everywhere I look. And it's frustrating because I can't escape it. I tried to fill the void with fantasy football which, while lots of fun, doesn't even come CLOSE to filling the time or energy which otherwise would have been devoted to the National Hockey League. 

Now, when I first read about the possible threat of the NHLPA decertifying, I actually laughed out loud. It's just so utterly insane, so completely ridiculous, that it's come to this. I saw TSN's Gino Reda tweet yesterday that "the next 2 week cancellation of games will cost owners $266M, players $126M. Yet they're only $182M apart." It's becoming a pissing contest, a test of testicular fortitude, a show of whose is bigger. IT'S ENOUGH. Gary, I'm sure you're well endowed, despite the fact that you're height challenged. Don, you're very tough, despite the fact that you look like Alan Alda. WE GET IT. You're all big, tough men. Now can you just get back to proving how tough you are on the ice instead of in the board room? I'd give anything to be complaining about whatever questionable hit Lucic just laid on some poor, unsuspecting miniature Hab player. Seriously. DO SOMETHING. Decertification sounds like it could, at the very least, provide me with even the smallest faction of entertainment. Not to mention something new to talk about. I'm bored to tears with what's going on with your negotiations, NHL. And apathy could very well be your worst enemy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You know what? Puck Gary. Puck Donald. Puck Bill. I hate the players, I hate the owners, I hate the city of Glendale, Arizona for the ridiculousness that is the Phoenix Coyotes. I hate stupid small market teams watering down the league. I hate ridiculous contracts for underachieving players. I hate that this is the second lockout in eight years, and third work stoppage in twenty. I hate that my way of living, my favourite thing in the whole wide world, has been taken away from me YET AGAIN. I want to watch hockey. Not having Habs to watch on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights is harder to suffer through than quitting smoking was. So PUCK ALL OF YOU. I just want to watch hockey, and you're ruining it for me.