Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toronto Fail

I went into this weekend highly anticipating a series of sporting events that would force Montreal into direct competition with our fabled foe, Toronto.
It started with the Habs vs Leafs game on Saturday night. I was more than thrilled to sit in my lazy boy chair, Alexander Keith's red in hand, watching as the Habs shutout the Leafs in a 2-0 win (Carey Price is the only Habs goalie since Jacques Plante to have 4 shutouts in 20 games, btw).
Today, the Als embarrassed the Argos in a 48-17 eastern conference final dismissal. Currently awaiting the outcome of the Roughriders/Stampeders game to see who meet in the Grey Cup next Sunday.
Also, the Hamilton Bulldogs (the Habs farm team), won 3-1 over the Marlies (who just happen to be the Leafs farm team... coincidence?)
Of course, it didn't take long for the Torontonians to start crying. Twitter was soon flooded with comments about how "Montreal sucks" etc. Personally, I'd rather take the W's and deal with their whining. It's a great day to be a Montrealer.
Also, in case you were wondering what the Habs think of Justin Bieber (??? lol), click here to find out. Pay special attention to Price ;)