Thursday, May 6, 2010


Things that I've thought about today...

1) The possibility of eliminating the penny. It would allegedly save tax payers $25 million a year, however it would also mean layoffs for those in the mining industry.

2) Carey tells Sergei off for slacking. This is why Canadians make such phenomenal hockey players. Not only do they have skill, but they have heart.

3) Habs game tonight. Still no Guerin, but possibility of a Staal return. Despite the fact that I don't want him to rejoin the Pens line up, I have mad respect for a dude who can return to play just 5 days after having surgery for a gash on his foot. Kudos to you, Jordan.

4) The weather. It was sunny when I woke up, raining, thunder & lightning in the afternoon, and is now sunny. If the weather keeps up, perhaps I should join the tailgate party outside the Bell Centre?

5) Sangria. Enjoyed some with my bestie last night. She's awesome. My friends are cooler than yours.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Game 3 Preview

So there's good news, and there's bad news. I'll bounce back and forth to keep you from becoming over elated, or suicidally depressed...

Good news: Staal is out tonight, after undergoing surgery this weekend, due to a cut caused by PK Subban's skate Friday night. He's reported to be skating with the team, but most likely out for the rest of the series (and by Habs hopeful standards, that would mean the rest of the Pens playoff stint).
Bad news: Markov is out for the rest of the season. Bob McKenzie reported a torn ACL on Twitter today (hence the look of sheer agony when he went down during the first period Friday night). Despite the Habs having a rather depressing outcome when playing without their most stellar defenceman, the Habs still managed to pull off a win Sunday afternoon. This bodes well.
Good news: The Habs are back at home tonight and Thursday, playing in front of 21,273 crazed Habs fans, who are definitely the 7th man on the ice.
Bad news: The Habs at home record in the 2010 playoffs is a surprising 1-2 (well, not that surprising if you take into account the fact that all 3 of those games were played against the league leading Washington Capitals. But look how that turned out...)
Good news: Halak is still putting up stellar numbers. The Habs outshot the Pens 31-24 Friday night, but they still allowed 4 powerplay goals, despite only allowing 1 powerplay goal in 7 games vs the Caps. They seem to have rediscovered their penalty kill on Sunday, however, and I can only come to the conclusion that maybe they shouldn't outshoot their opponent, as playing defensively with solid goaltending seems to be their recipe to success when facing more talented teams.
Bad news: Apparently the Habs are not considered "Canada's Team", as per BC Heritage Minister James Moore, who made the mistake of Tweeting that the Canucks were Canada's team this weekend. The backlash it has caused is a little bit ridiculous. Everyone knows who Canada's team is, and we have 100 years of history and 24 cups to prove it.
Good news: Team 990 is reporting Bill Guerin as a game time decision for tonight.
Bad news: Spacek's mystery illness that has kept him out of the lineup recently is reportedly vertigo. No word yet on when he'll rejoin the team.
Good news: Mike Cammalleri is on his way to beating Vincent Damphousse for most goals scored in the post season since '93. Something else pretty exciting happened in '93 as well, if I remember correctly...

Habs vs Pens, puck drops tonight at 19:00 est. Go Habs Go.