Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Habs No?

Although the Canadiens are only four games into the regular season, the city of Montreal seems to be in a state of panic. 1-2-1 isn't exactly the record most hoped to start the season off with. In fact, judging by the way this city freaks out after every loss, I'm surprised expectations aren't for an 82-0 season. Which isn't feasible, folks, so don't get any ideas!!!

Where the Habs' concerns lie are within their young defensive core, seemingly unable to fill their roles in the absence of experienced veterans such as Campoli, Spacek and Markov (yes, Markov. Remember him?) However, while it's great that players like Diaz and Weber are getting a chance to show what they're made of, relying on PK Subban as an "experienced defenseman" is precisely what will get you into trouble.

I love PK Subban as much as the next guy. In fact, maybe a little more. But the defensive mistakes and giveaways I've seen from him in the past four games are a little frightening. He simply can't take the same offensive chances he used to, in the absence of key players.

That being said, while Carey Price's performance in last night's game against the Colorado Avalanche was nowhere near perfect, he isn't to blame for the 6-5 loss. Why? Because when teams are constantly playing catch up with one other, swapping the lead back and forth, they leave themselves open to be scored upon, in the effort to score on their opponent. Perhaps Price could and should have stopped a few of those, but he can't do everything, every game.

What was encouraging was the fight the boys had last night. After giving up their one goal lead in Thursday's home opener, the Habs looked like they had zero desire to get back into the game. A loss like last night is a little easier to swallow, because at least they came out, guns blazing, doing their best. Sadly, it just wasn't enough.

Unfortunately, until a few key guys are back in the lineup, I worry about this team. The bad luck they've had with injuries this year is really holding them back. And we're only four games in. There will be plenty more injuries to come, and plenty more key guys forced out of the lineup (God forbid).

Let's just hope that Erik Cole and Jacques Martin figure out a means of communicating and fast, otherwise the media will jump on that story...