Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I REALLY Don't Want the Habs to Finish 8th

Let's take a snapshot of the Eastern Conference as it stands right now, assuming all games were played and the playoffs started tomorrow:

1- Philadelphia Flyers
2- Tampa Bay Lightning
3- Boston Bruins
4- Pittsburgh Penguins
5- Washington Capitals
6- Montreal Canadiens
7- New York Rangers
8- Carolina Hurricanes

As of today, the Habs would be set to play the Bruins in the first round. While for some, this is a scary concept, I would much rather play the Bruins than the Flyers. Fans seem to have developed an intense fear of the Bruins, after the bloodbath on February 9th. However, fans seem to forget about the 3 prior matchups this season; which the Habs won. I feel that while the Bruins may have gotten better with the acquisition of players like Kaberle, they are still only a better team on paper. I believe that the Habs are more skilled, and simply have more heart. Brute force does not a Stanley Cup win, and I would put my money on the Canadiens in a 7 game series versus the Bruins.
That being said, if I could choose any of the current top 8 teams to play in the first round, it would be Pittsburgh. Recent injury hardships have caused headaches for more than Sydney Crosby, and I think the Habs would take that series in 5. If I couldn't play the Penguins, I would take the Rangers & the Hurricanes, though this is an impossibility, given how strong the teams in the top seeded positions have been playing.

Ultimately, I would rather meet any team other than the Flyers in the first round. In fact, I'm PRAYING for some sort of magical upset that will see the Flyers being eliminated in 7 against the Hurricanes. If the Flyers are eliminated in the first round, I think the Habs will stand a good chance of making a run for the conference finals like they did last year.

Whatever the matchup, you can be sure I'll be ready.

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