Thursday, May 6, 2010


Things that I've thought about today...

1) The possibility of eliminating the penny. It would allegedly save tax payers $25 million a year, however it would also mean layoffs for those in the mining industry.

2) Carey tells Sergei off for slacking. This is why Canadians make such phenomenal hockey players. Not only do they have skill, but they have heart.

3) Habs game tonight. Still no Guerin, but possibility of a Staal return. Despite the fact that I don't want him to rejoin the Pens line up, I have mad respect for a dude who can return to play just 5 days after having surgery for a gash on his foot. Kudos to you, Jordan.

4) The weather. It was sunny when I woke up, raining, thunder & lightning in the afternoon, and is now sunny. If the weather keeps up, perhaps I should join the tailgate party outside the Bell Centre?

5) Sangria. Enjoyed some with my bestie last night. She's awesome. My friends are cooler than yours.

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