Monday, March 1, 2010


Not long after Sidney Crosby scored what will go down in history as "the golden goal", Twitter uses quickly began talking about hating Sidney Crosby... So much so, that "hate Crosby" became a trending topic on Twitter (for you non-Twitter-users, that's a way of seeing what are the most talked about topics at any given moment on the micro-blogging site). It seems unfathomable that one of the greatest moments in hockey history could in ANY way be seen as negative.

Sid the Kid was quiet throughout the tournament, and it was originally supposed to be HIS Olympics, HIS year, and HIS team. It was only fitting that he would score the goal that ultimately won his team (and his country, for that matter) the gold medal.

Despite what may have been said in the Twitter-verse, a fanpage quickly sprung up on Facebook, asking users to become a fan of "Crosby's Goal". Barely 24 hours after the gold medal game, the page already boasts nearly 70, 000 fans. It would appear Crosby fans are Facebook users, and not Tweeters? Here's a great article that sums up the Olympics. Oh and last (but not least) just in case you missed the closing ceremonies, check out one of the funniest moments:

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