Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pet Peeves

Ok so since I'm Mrs. Grumpy Pants today, I thought I'd go on a rant about the things that REALLY grind my gears. Well, not so much a rant, as an organized list (hey, I'm still me):

10) - Guns. I just hate them.
9) - Waking up and discovering I've been drunk texting. I've been a culprit on several occasions, and sincerely wish there was a breathalyzer ap on my iPhone to prevent me from continuing to commit drunk texting.
8) - People who ask me the same question multiple times. If your memory sucks that bad, please carry a pen and notepad with you at all times, so you can write down the answer to the question and reference it at a later date.
7) - Cleaning the litter box. It is the chore I hate the most, even more than doing dishes.
6) - Having to get out of bed when I'm still tired. It hurts.
5) - Slush. It's yucky.
4) - Losing hockey to the Americans. *shudder*
3) - People who hang up on me. I spend a good portion of my day on the phone, and it is intolerably rude.
2) - When I ask "do you have any questions?" and the response is "no", followed by a question. It's fine if you have a question, but don't say "no" first!!!!!!!
1) - The Toronto Maple Leafs. No explanation required.

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