Saturday, February 13, 2010


So if you didn't get a chance to watch the Olympic opening ceremony in Vancouver last night, you seriously missed out. Here are my 5 favorite moments from last night:

5 - Canada's entrance - the crowd went absolutely wild, and the look on Clara Hughes' (the flag bearer) face was absolutely priceless.

4 - Nikki Yanofski's national anthem - it was a very different rendition of the anthem we all know and love but I just absolutely love this 16 year old Montrealer. Her voice is absolutely incredible. CTV is using her "I Believe" as their theme for the Olympics. See the video here, it's sure to bring a tear to any Canadian's eye.

3 - The whales. If you saw it, you know what I'm talking about. The "ice" floor cracked apart and a pod of orca whales swam across, spouting through their blowholes. Absolutely incredible.

2 - Wayne Gretzky and company lighting the torch. It was a team effort, and the effect that The Great One had as he made his way from BC Place to the outdoor Olympic cauldron in the final portion of the 45,000+ Km torch relay was truly magnificent.

1- Shane Koyczan's "We Are More" slam poetry. It truly defines what it is to be Canadian, and told the world why we love our country so much. Watch it here.

Now that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics have officially begun, here are the events I'm most looking forward to:

5 - Ladies moguls - Jenn Heil will probably win Canada its first gold medal on home soil. A moment we all have been looking forward to.

4 - Pairs figure skating - Ever since Jamie Sale and David Pelletier in 2002, this has been an event that I look forward to.

3 - Bobsled - I must admit, as a film buff, I was pretty bummed out that Jamaica did not qualify this year. I guess I'll just have to watch "Cool Runnings" to get my fix.

2 - Women's hockey - I love watching these women, they empower me so much. So incredibly talented, and watching women's hockey makes me proud to be female.

1 - Men's hockey - I will never be able to fully explain my love for hockey. It's something that so many Canadians can relate to. We love it because we were born loving it. We were raised loving it. I'm predicting a Russia vs Canada final, and I know where I'll be for that game; with my dad.

Proud to be Canadian. Go team.

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