Wednesday, March 30, 2011


199 minutes is far too long to wait in between goals. But boy, was it ever incredible when they scored last night! The Habs first goal since March 20th came from Hamrlik, and before I could even tweet my content, Darche scored another one, merely 11 seconds later. The drought was more than over, and I, along with every other Habs fan, couldn't be happier about it.

The game itself, apart from those 2 goals in the first period, was exciting, to say the least. Cammalleri had a look in his eyes that I haven't seen since the pre-season. Travis Moen was throwing punches. PK Subban was running his mouth off. Carey Price was the epitome of focus. AK46 scored an empty netter in the 3rd to make it 3-1. Even Scott Gomez was looking better than usual. The intensity and energy from the entire team was such a difference and improvement over the listless, scoreless Habs we saw last week.

My only complaint would be that the Habs really need to solve their powerplay woes before the playoffs start. Despite the rare occurrence of out-shooting their opponents 31-28, they couldn't find a goal on any of their powerplay opportunities.
It's becoming extremely frustrating to see Cammalleri on the penalty kill as well as the power play. Granted, the Habs spend quite a bit of time on the PK, but he is a shooter, and his talents should not be diverted towards doing otherwise. Also, it REALLY grinds my gears that PK Subban isn't getting much, if any, ice time on the powerplay. While I generally keep my mouth shut on this issue, I've decided I can only do so if the powerplay actually yields results! Yes, we won last night, but we didn't score on the powerplay. Regardless of who we face in the first round (and yes, I believe we WILL make the playoffs!), we NEED to not only generate legitimate scoring chances on the powerplay, but we need to SCORE on the powerplay. I think giving Subban the ice time over Hamrlik would help solve this problem. Hammer isn't as young as he once was, and he can't be expected to play big minutes. He will be too burnt out come post-season, and we need him to be on his game.

I know it's easy to sit here and play armchair coach, but I think the coaching staff need to pull back and closely examine this aspect of the game. I don't much care if it fits into JM's "system". You can't win if you can't score, as was demonstrated last week. Solve the powerplay, solve the problem. I think that if the Canadiens coaching staff can solve that, there's no stopping us.

Remember, the Canadiens meet the Hurricanes tonight. A win tonight could put us within a point
of clinching a playoff spot. Puck drops at 7 PM.

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