Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Letter

Dear Habs,

I have to tell you something. Something that has been eating away at me for quite some time. It is something of such magnitude, that I can only express myself in writing...
I am in love with you.
I know that we have been friends for over 100 years, and it must seem out of the blue for me to be confessing this, but if you look at our history, it really becomes quite clear. It had to be said; I need you to know how I feel.
You've always been there for me, and in return I've never given up on you, even when it seemed like everyone else had. We've shared some good times together, and we've also cried together over some tough losses. Through the laughter and through the heartache, we've always made it through.
Now, I'm counting on you not to break my heart. But if that is the case, I'll still love you. I'll never give up on you. That's what true love is. But I'd really love the opportunity to declare my love for you to the whole world. Please keep that in mind as the playoff race approaches...

Lots of love,


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