Sunday, April 11, 2010


So the Habs clinched a playoff spot last night, despite losing in OT to the Leafs. The point was enough to seal the deal, and I must admit, seeing that "X" in front of "Montreal Canadiens" on was enough to make me totally stoked. It just may be the only time I will ever be "okay" with a loss to Toronto.

Despite the fact that the Habs are done their regular season, today is a big day for the team. Philly meets NYR this afternoon at 3 PM est, and this could decide who we play in the first round. If Philly wins, it means we meet Ovechkin and the Caps in the first round (which, personally, I'd like to avoid. In the event of a Habs-Caps matchup, my prediction would be Caps in 4. Which would suck.) If Philly loses, then it gets a little complicated. We'll meet whoever wins between Buffalo-New Jersey at 5 PM est, but if the game is decided outside of regulation time, regardless of who wins, we'll meet New Jersey. I'm okay with either of those matchups. Neither are ideal, but that's what happens when you squeeze into a playoff spot by the skin of your teeth (not to mention, the Habs are going into the playoffs on a 3 game losing streak. Not exactly the momentum you'd like.)

I think the Habs need to put their heart and soul into it. They definitely have the potential to be put up a decent fight, despite a difficult season, plagued by injuries. I'd like to see Cammalleri step his game up, which hasn't been the greatest since he returned from his injury. Of course, we can be comforted with what stands between the pipes. I think Halak could make or break the first round (no pressure there, buddy).

For up-to-date Habs info, read Habs Inside/Out, and to give yourself playoff fever (as if ANYONE in the city needs to amp their excitement), watch this video from a few seasons ago by the great local artist Annakin Slayd:

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